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Complete Overview About IMDb

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Complete Overview About IMDb

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the largest and most comprehensive movie database on the Internet. It provides an extensive database of information about movies, TV shows, and actors. The website was officially launched in 1990 and is now owned by

IMDb is a very extensive and rich collection of movie data, including popular movies, news, free movies, reviews, movie trailers, showtimes, DVD movie reviews, celebrity biographies, and so on. If you have ever studied films or actors, you can access IMDb.

The website is indeed a vast library of movie information. While most of the content is entirely free to access and great, it looks cluttered and is hard to filter. Here are some tips for using IMDb and introduce some of its features, including those you can get through IMDb Pro.


What’s on IMDb?

In short, IMDb is broad. This is a vast information center for entertainment. If you are looking for a movie narrative, or if you want to know who starred in the last movie you saw, or if you are interested in a forthcoming TV program, practically all search engines will direct you to it.

The amount of information related to the entertainment industry is staggering: scripts, trivia, director/producer information, contact information for promotional purposes, plot summary, movie trailers, etc.

In addition to background information, the Internet Movie Database also provides exclusive character resources such as biographies and memorable quotes and the ability to watch TV shows and movies for free instantly.

By rating movies, users are invited to participate in the growing wealth of information on the site. IMDb’s “Hot” page — for example, the 250 films in the top-rated movies list — based on these users’ trust (or disapproval), and based on how many votes it gets on the list, it rotates the movies steadily in the favorites list.

Most pages related to movies or TV shows on IMDb provide multiple features, including plot summary, plot summary, story plot, actor information, commentary scores, mark types, images, videos, nominations, similar titles, box office details, game time, trivia, FAQ, user reviews, offers, etc.

You can also build your own private or public watchlist. These may include movies and shows that interest you. They’re a great way to collect titles you plan to watch, and you can even sort them by rating, runtime, popularity, and other helpful criteria.


IMDb Advanced Search Options

Coming Soon and other IMDb charts (such as “Most Popular Movies” and “Top Box Office”) are two of the most popular ways to utilize IMDb. However, there are various additional methods to search the website. You may have to select one way over the other if you’re looking for a new movie to watch or if you just have one or two pieces of information to look for, such as star names or narrative details.


IMDb Name Search:

Search for titles by actor name, birthday or place of birth, horoscope, date or location of death, gender, movie, group of characters (such as Oscar winner or best actress winner), etc.

IMDb title search: by title, running time, title type (TV series, TV short film, short film, feature film, etc.), release date, user rating, number of votes, genre, title group (IMDb) or Emmy Award), title Information (location, crazy title, alternate version, etc.), company (such as Sony or Paramount), direct playback options, US certification (PG, NC-17, etc.), country/region, keywords, language, filming location, actors/staff, playing time, mixing, etc.


IMDb Joint Search:

 This search type lets you find movies and shows starred by two people you choose, or you can search for two titles to find people who star in the same film.


IMDb Site Index:

This index contains multiple points of interest that you can check out on IMDb, such as best of the year, bottom 100, anniversary, and Amazon original.


Movie Genre:

Browse IMDb by genre to find horror movies, comedies, animations, fantasy movies, thrillers, crime shows, etc.


IMDb Free Movies

The internet movie database contains information about movies and shows and free movies that you can watch right now. That part of the website is called IMDb TV.

Recently uploaded movies and TV shows, popular movies/shows, movies of the week, IMDb originals, hidden gems, and movies grouped by category can all be found here. They are all accessible via their website and mobile app.


IMDb Pro Feature

If necessary, you can pay for certain features of IMDb. However, they are more aimed at people looking for contacts in the entertainment industry.

By subscribing to IMDb Pro, you can:

  1. Declare your own IMDb page
  2. Follow the updates of personnel/job profiles .always to get the latest information.
  3. Find industry contacts and talent representatives
  4. Viewing titles, not on IMDb
  5. There are a 30-day free trial of IMDbPro before the USD 12.50 monthly price kicks in. The price applies if you prepay for a year ($149.99), or you can choose a slightly more expensive monthly plan for a fee of $19.99.