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What is Quora and How to Download Quora app?

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What is Quora and How to Download Quora app?

Quora is in everyone’s mouth now. Quora is an online community-driven question and answer (Q&A) repository that contains overflow information that is of interest to many people and people of many different interests. Quora is helpful for all other businesses.

Regardless of the size of the company, Quora can be used in many different ways. With all the great features it offers, it’s a great way to grow your connections and enrich your knowledge base. Since the resources provided by Quora are top experts on these specific topics, people asking questions will feel confident.


Ways you can use Quora for your business effectively:

Competitive Research:

Keeping a close eye on competitive intelligence is essential to your business. You should worry about what your competitors are doing and what others are saying about them. Quora community members can give you in-depth information, and in many cases, these people have direct experience with the company you’re researching.

Strengthen your company’s position in the front of your customers:

You can collect the number and source of mentions of your company. You first search for your company name. If it’s already a topic on Quora, you can follow the topic to receive reminders when you ask a new question. If you’re answering a question from someone else, this is your chance to make sure your product is represented fairly. Quora is also an excellent tool to provide truly exceptional customer service by responding to customer complaints and inquiries. Your company representatives can also act as sources of information.

News coverage about your business:

If you’re interested in letting the media communicate information about your business to others, you can also use Quora. You can collect information from the comments contained on Quora. This can prove to be very useful.

Build your network:

You should constantly strive to increase the number of connections in your network. You should look for people who share similar interests and are passionate about important topics to you and your business. Quora is an excellent place to build new and meaningful relationships. It’s effortless to do. All you need to do is click on the green “Follow Topics” button, which is located at the top of the sidebar.

Cultivate longer conversations:

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which encourage people to communicate in stages, Quora encourages more extended conversations between its members. The core of Quora is deep and comprehensive knowledge. While more extended communication periods are enabled, you should choose your wording wisely.

Position yourself:

As you meet more and more like-minded people, your ultimate goal is to build meaningful relationships with these people. To do this, you need to bring something of value (in the form of your knowledge and expertise). The more you interact with people, communicate and share your knowledge with them, the more they will see you as an expert. Before you know it, they have regular conversations with you and love to read what you have to say.

Strengthen existing relationships:

It is best ways to communicate with people you already have a relationship with is to email them. Quora allows you to communicate via email with anyone you like. You can share the exciting information you find through Quora and send them a “touching base” email. Chances are this information will be much appreciated, and you will put yourself at the forefront of their minds.

Get started quickly:

If you’re interested in a topic, you know little about, Quora will provide you with a wealth of expert resources on that particular topic. You can get advice and information on any matter you want. Your expert library is always there for you.

Search for new topics on Quora:

Browsing through other people’s questions can give you ideas on new topics of interest.


Is Quora big network in social media?

You may be wondering, what is Quora? Quora is a new social media network called an online knowledge market application. Quora was founded in June 2009, launched a private beta in December 2009, and opened to the public in June 2009. The new social media network is based on questions and answers on many topics of user collaboration.

Quora allows users to ask questions and provide answers. In addition, users can comment on questions and answers, as well as agree-agree or disagree-against answers. At some point in the conversation, you can summarize the responses to reflect the consensus of the participating communities. Recently, a blogging feature called Quora Posts has been added.

The new social media network is said to gather knowledge, reusable, collaborate, continuously improve, organize and target. Everything on Quora is connected to one person.

Compared to Twitter, it has caught the attention of many people, including those who are not too keen on social media. The new social page hasn’t been criticized like Twitter. At the time, some people said it’s useless unless you’re a real IT and information geek.

Quora is helpful, clear, and very easy to access, and on Twitter, you need time to understand and get a return on your investment. You register in Quora, ask a question, and suddenly users are discussing the topic.

The website defines itself as a collection, constantly creating new content through questions and answers posted, edited, and organized by all participants. It can also be described as a knowledge market.

It creates a space for people, including senior managers of key companies, to share detailed information by answering questions, offering tips, or simply posting insider information and rumors. When it reaches the public, it will be interesting to see which direction it goes.

Twitter has always been an exciting place to practice, and Quora can become a handy tool for many people. The idea is to ask specific questions to people who know what they’re talking about, something search engines and social networks haven’t been able to achieve until now. According to how it is developed, we will soon begin to see the effectiveness and return on investment of new social media applications.

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Quora App

By following few steps, you can easily download the quora App on your Android or IOS mobile.


For Android Users

Step 1

Open play store on your Android Device

Step 2

Click On the search bar and type Quora.

Step 3

After getting the result, now click on Quora and install App.

Step 4

After installing the process, you can lunch your Quora App.


For IOS Users

Step 1

Open App Store on your IOS Device

Step 2

Click On the search bar and type Quora.

Step 3

After getting the result, now click on Quora and install App.

Step 4

After installing the process, you can lunch your Quora App.