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What is GitHub and how to get started login GitHub?

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What is GitHub and how to get started login GitHub?

GitHub is a website and cloud-based service that allows developers to store and manage their code and track and manage changes to their code. To understand precisely what GitHub is, you need to understand two interrelated principles:


version control

In this article, we first explain these two principles. Next, we’ll look at GitHub and how you can use GitHub to interact with WordPress and Kinsta.


What is the version?

Version control helps you to develop, track and manage changes to software project code. As software projects grow, version control becomes essential. Take WordPress…

At the moment, WordPress is quite a large project. If core developers want to work on a specific WordPress codebase, it is not safe or efficient to directly edit the “official” source code.

Instead, version control allows developers to branch and merge securely.

Through branches, developers copy some of the source code (called a repository). Then the developer can safely change that part of the code without affecting the rest of the project.

Then, once the developer has made some of their code work, they can put the code back together with the main source code to formalize it.

Then keep track of all these changes and revert if necessary.


What is Git?

Git is a dedicated open-source version control system created by Linus Torvalds in 2005.

Notably, Git is a distributed version control system, meaning the entire code base and history is available on any developer’s computer, making it easy to branch and merge.

According to a Stack Overflow developer survey, more than 87% of developers use Git.


So, what is GitHub?

GitHub is a for-profit company that provides cloud-based Git repository hosting services. Essentially, it makes it easier for individuals and teams to use Git for versioning and collaboration.

GitHub’s interface is user-friendly enough that even novice programmers can use Git. Without GitHub, using Git usually requires more technical knowledge and command-line usage.

However, GitHub is so easy to use that some people use GitHub to manage other projects, such as writing books.

Plus, anyone can register and host public code repositories for free, making GitHub especially popular with open source projects.

As a business, GitHub makes money by selling hosted private code repositories and other business-oriented programs that make it easy for organizations to manage team members and security. We use Github extensively at Kinsta to manage and develop internal projects.


How does Git benefit web development organizations?

Some desirable features of Git include:

– Improved support for the non-linear web development process

-Distributed Development

-Compatibility with protocols and existing systems (including FTP, HTTP, Rsync, SSH, and even regular sockets)

-Scalable and efficient styles for large projects

– Password verification

– Tool kit

-Easy backup


Git workflow for web development

The Git Web development workflow can alleviate all the confusion that comes with web development. This is a kind of time insurance, all your data is backed up, and all steps are recorded in the cloud.


GitHub repository

The GitHub repository has almost everything a web developer needs. It contains:

-Web application framework,



-HTML and other libraries,

– Programming language courses,

– Huge resources,

– Wireless communication,

-3D modeling,

-Serverless architecture

Git does not require a central server, so it is always available to web development agencies. Each developer provides their repository and has a complete overview and information about each change. Developers can use their repositories at any time and then push changes to the central server.


Using Git

Then enter the external address when prompted and press “Clone.” Your Github code is then automatically deployed to the web application. You get automatic updates through the company’s cloud console.

Other ways to use Git and GitHub in WordPress

Many WordPress theme and plugin developers host the source code of their projects on GitHub. For example, you can check out Elementor page builder code, Zerif Lite theme source code, and more.

But there are also WordPress plugins that can help you use Git and WordPress more directly.

For example, VersionPress aims to bring the power of Git to regular WordPress operations, such as updating posts or installing plugins. VersionPress adds version control to your WordPress database and files.

Getting started with GitHub Getting started with GitHub:

Sign up for a free GitHub account Follow the GitHub Hello World guide to learn more about the most popular actions you might want to take