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Slack – Download & Install For free

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Slack – Download & Install For free

slack download

If you are working at an IT company, most people use slack to communicate with your colleague. Slack is developed for communicating with colleagues, so their feature is fit for the working situation.

On Slack, they have a community for each company or each gathering, so only limited people admit to the community. So many companies in case of Grab, Shopee, are using slack to communicate with colleagues or people who are interested in the same thing. Today I would like to explain about the installation of slack.

Then Can I use the slack mobile version?

slack download

Of course, you can use slack’s mobile version on your smartphone.

Downloading the mobile version of slack is also easy. You can download whatsapp from the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android phones.

The functions available on PC and apps are the same, and mobile apps can be downloaded for free and all functions are available for free too.


Google Play Store

slack download


App Store

slack download


If you search “slack” in the Google Play Store or App Store on search bar you will probably see the slack logo at the top of the list. Then you can download it by simply hitting the install button next to it.


Installation way is the same as the PC version.

  1. add your email
  2. get a authentication code
  3. Add the code
  4. Add your community name
  5. Add your information such as name or anything

If you are already set slack on your PC, then you can link your mobile app too. At that time, you can only log-in slack on the mobile app. Then, you can use slack the same as a PC.


How can I download the PC version’s slack?

slack download

The simplest way is to download it from the official slack website.


If you click the link, you can check the download button under the homepage.

slack download

1.Click the above thebutton

  1. Download the file
  2. Double-click a file in the downloads folder to open it.

4.Follow the instructions to install Slack on your computer.

5.After the app is installed:Click the button below to log in and link your account

In case of log in or sign up slack can sign up your email and without your phone number.


  1. Just add your e-mail
  2. get a authentication code from  your email
  3. add the code on the slack
  4. add your username
  5. add your community name


Then you can join your slack community like as below

slack download


Also If you have already got invitation mail from your company or community, please download through your invitation mail. Then you don’t need to add your community name when you sign up for slack.

That is all to install slack. slack has many features such as delete message, and easy to search message. So please consider it for downloading and have a good time on slack with your colleague or friend.