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Telegram Download

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Teegram Download


<Telegram Download >

The first step you need to take to use Telegram
is to download an application on your phone.
No matter what kinds of interface you use,
it works well on both Android and iphone.
For a person who needs to work more
with laptop, computer version is also prepared.
Of course you can use both simultaneously.
It allows you to be connected to your friends,
family and colleagues wherever you are.

Here is the link you can download it.

<Why we need messenger>

Messenger is crucial to our life these days.
In the past, people had to send letters to
someone they need to talk to, and this process
took so long which created misunderstandings.

Now people can easily open up their cell phone
to make a call and text a message to their friends.
Telegram is an mobile application that
everyone can use for free.

<How to make an account>

Once you download an application, it will
ask you to log in or to make an account.
If it is your first time using Telegram,
creating account is essential to use an App.
If you want to make an account before
downloading the actual application, here
is the link of web-client that can be open
with any internet browser.
When it is open, plug in your phone number.

Then the system will automatically send
private code via SMS to your device.
This should be done within two minutes,
so you want to have your device close.

When you successfully enter the code,
it will ask your name and picture.
Then signing up is finished and you can
add new contacts and start messaging.

If you are using mobile application, you can
simply transfer your contacts from your phone.
However, if you use desktop version, you can
choose either you manually save the contacts
you need, or link your phone to Telegram.

<Why it is special?>

There are too many social messaging Application.
However, Telegram provides cloud based
server unlike other messaging applications.
This allows the users to use multiple devices
at the same time and share documents and
videos as much as they want.

Receivers can choose whether they want to
download the files on their personal device,
or to store them in the cloud.
This feature is definitely an outstanding
point of it compared to other messengers.

<More information about Telegram>


If you have any other questions regarding
the Telegram, here is the website you can
visit and read some frequently asked questions.
Some interesting facts about it such as
how old it is, and where they develop the
system can be learned through their answers.