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Download iTunes

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Download iTunes

Download iTunes on mobile

If you use an iPhone, you do not need to install iTunes. That is because iTunes is on your phone. Therefore, you can easily use iTunes by searching for and clicking on an already installed app. Of course, Android users cannot use ITunes. You can use the Google Play Store instead, or you can just sync it with your computer and move your data such as photos and videos.

There are so many things you can do with your smartphone. Taking photos and videos, editing it, listening to music, watching videos, doing web searches etc… What are your main uses for smartphones?

If you are an iPhone user, no one is not using iTunes.

iTunes is required to use various contents such as when listening to music or listening to podcasts. Also, by synchronizing with iTunes on your PC, you can put the photos on your PC on your mobile phone or copy the photos on your mobile phone to your PC. Originally, designed for Apple users, it is now available on Windows PCs as well.



How to install iTune on my PC?

As a matter of course, if it is a MAC PC, iTunes is included like the iPhone. Therefore, no installation is required. However updates will be needed. If you are using iPhone and MAC at the same time, you can use Airdrop to move data such as photos, videos, so iTunes is not always required, but you can use MAC to listen to music and enjoy the contents through your Mac.


Can I use itune on Windows?

Although it is designed by Apple such as Mac or iPhone,Fortunately, iTunes runs on a Windows PC too. If you want to use iTunes on windows, you can download from the Microsoft Store. It is simple to download iTunes.


  1. Access Micro Software
  2. Search “iTunes” on search bar
  3. Download the app
  4. Click the iTunes, and check whether it work well or not


If you are using an iPhone and your PC is Windows, you can move data such as photos and video through iTune by installing it.