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Discord download free

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Discord download free

Do you play games often? Then, if you use Discord, you might be able to enjoy the game even more.Even if it’s not a game, it’s a great chat tool to use when people gather on a common topic, such as education. In a way, I think it can be similar in function to Slack.It would be fun to have various stories with like-minded friends through Discord, or to have conversations while playing games.

Download Discord Latest version

If you find an application with such a logo, you can download it.

From App store


From Google Play Store



Of course, PC and mobile phone can be synchronized with each other, so you can use Discord on mobile phone and PC with one account.

Today, I would like to introduce how to install Discord to anyone who wants to download and install Discord.

How can I Discord on PC?

Download of the PC version of Discord is going. It can be downloaded through the official website.


URL that can download discord

There are two PC versions. MAC version and Windows version.

When you enter the above site, there is a download button for your computer OS environment. You can also download the browser version.

For the Windows version, the capacity is about 57mb.


If you click the download button, you can see the installation of discord. as below.

Depending on the internet situation, the download can be completed within about 1 minute.

If you finished downloading, then you can see the login page for discord.

Click the register button under the login, and sign up for discord.

You can sign up for discord for free.

Sign up process is so easy. Just put your nick name, an email, password and your birthday, that’s it.


Then Can I install discord on mobile too?

Yes sure. You can use discord on mobile app too. If your smartphone is an iPhone, search for “Discord” in the search bar of the App Store, or in the search bar of the Google Play Store if your smartphone is an Android phone.

So far, we have learned how to download Discord.


You can download and sign up for free, and you can chat with friends on various topics, so it is recommended to download it once.