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Snapchat Download free

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Snapchat Download free

When you want to share your photo and message to your friend? Then, Please use Snapchat with your friends and family. you can easily share your message with a funny photo. Also if you check Snapchat messages, the message disappears at once. So, those who don’t like to reveal his/her privacy tend to use this application. Today, I would like to introduce how to install Snapchat.


Download SnapChat on mobile

Downloading the mobile version of Snapchat is also easy.

You can download Snapcht from the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android phones.

You can check the link as below.

App Store

Google Play Store


If you search “snapchat” in the Google Play Store or App Store on search bar you will probably see the messenger logo at the top of the list. Then you can download it by simply hitting the install button next to it.


Install Snapchat on PC

Unfortunately, Snapchat uses only apps on official site. However, some people make snapchat’s PC version on chrome extension app.

So, If you want to snapchat on PC, you can use chrome extension app as below.



But Its feature is different from the app, so I do not recommend using the chrome extension app.


To use snap chat, what are you required?

To use snapchat, you can sign up for Snapchat in advance. Sign up is required for your phone number. To sign up, you have to write down your information as below.

To sign up for Snap chat

  1. Add your name
  2. Add your user name
  3. Add your Password
  4. Add your Phone number.

In the case of Username, you can create whatever you want. Also, Phone numbers are required.

When you add your phone number, Snapchat will send authentic code to your phone. Please kindly check the code to sign up


That’s it to install Snapchat.

Snapchat is a good messenger to share your funny scenes with your family and friends. Please try it.