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Whatsapp Download & Install For free

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Whatsapp Download & Install For free

If you are a friend connected through Facebook, you can use whatsapp conveniently because you can immediately contact them without a phone number.

As you alreday know, Messenger applications with such simple functions are well received by many people. Whatsapp is also a messenger app acquired by Facebook, and it is a messenger app with simple functions like Facebook messenger. For those who are considering using whatsapp, I would like to introduce where you can download whatsapp and on which devices you can use it.


How can I download whatsapp’s PC version?

The simplest way is to download it from the official whatsapp website.

1.Click the above the link

2.Click “MAC or Windows PC

3.You can choose download version according to your PC

  1. If you click the button, Whatsapp require you to accept Terms & Privacy Policy

  1. If you finish to accept Terms & Condition, you can set Whats apps



The official homepage of whatsapp guides you to download messengers for Mac and Windows. The capacity is 120MB. It is quite a big. In addition, there is no charge when downloading, and you can use it for free when using all functions as well as downloading.

To use the app, you have to sign up for whatsapp in advance or you can sign up for whatsapp after download. For signing up, you have to add your phone number. please check before signing up.


Then How can I download the mobile version?

Downloading the mobile version of whatsapp is also easy.

You can download whatsapp from the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android phones. The functions available on PC and apps are the same, and mobile apps can be downloaded for free and all functions are available for free too.

You can check the link as below.


App Store

Google Play Store


If you search “whatsapp” in the Google Play Store or App Store on search bar you will probably see the whatsapp logo at the top of the list. Then you can download it by simply hitting the install button next to it.

Installation way is the same as the PC version.


  1. add your phone number
  2. get a authentication code
  3. Add the code
  4. Add your information such as name or anything


Then you can check the messenger set well as above.


That is all to install the app. In the case of whatsapp, there is no ad in the messenger, maybe it is easy to use. so please consider download it.