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Twitter Download

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Twitter Download on Mobile & PC

twitter download

Twitter Download

Use Twitter when you want to share your little life, or when you want to share your own opinions that you couldn’t tell people.

A lot of people share their opinions on Twitter, and they’re deepening their relationship by getting empathy from people who share the same opinions as me. Today, I would like to share how to download twitter app.



twitter download

On the PC version, you would be better off using the web version. It has the same features as the app. So, you can use twitter without download.




When you have a Windows PC, you can get a twitter app from the Microsoft store.

Get a twitter app from Microsoft store


Please refer to guide from twitter


In case of Mac, you can download twitter from the App store (it is the same as iPhone too.)

On mobile phone,

twitter download

If you have an Android phone, you have to download the twitter app from google play store, however if you are an iPhone user, you have to download the app from the App Store.


Twitter download from Google Play Store

Twitter download from the App Store


Also to use Twitter, you have to sign up in advance, and login twitter at first.

twitter download

You can sign up for twitter by using your phone number or email address.

Please click the “Sign up For twitter” button under the Login button.

twitter download

For signing up you have to write down your information as below.

1.Add your User name

In case of a user name, it is used on twitter. so you don’t need to use your real name.

  1. Add your phone or email
  2. Add your password

That is it for signing up. and login you can use twitter.


Then, I would like to video on twitter. Can I download it?

twitter download

Officially, you cannot download the video on the tiwtter.

but there are several web sites or apps to get a video on twitter. So, if you want to download video on twitter, you can use the site as below.


Twitter Video Downloader


Twitter Video Downloade


Download Twitter Videos to MP4 & MP3!


That is it to use twitter. When you want to say something that you cannot tell your friends, sometimes it is a good way to communicate with others that you don’t know. At that time, Please use twitter effectively.