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How to utilize Google app more effectively? (Google map download, check street view)

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Google map Download

google map download

When you want to go to a place that you have never visited, you will need to check the map. At that time, you can use Google Maps. We’re using Google Maps to learn about pedestrians and their areas, as well as car drivers.

Download Google map

In other words, if you have only one Google Map on your phone or PC, it is not difficult to find directions or preview areas you have not visited. Today, I would like to introduce Google Maps, which are highly useful in everyday life.

Then How to I download Google Maps?

google map download

If you have an android mobile phone, you don’t need to download the app. Because it is already installed on your mobile phone. So if you want to use the newest version, just update your Google map on your phone Through Google play Store.

However, if you use  google maps on your PC or iPhone, there are several ways to use it.


On your PC : Use google map website version



On PC, you don’t have to download google maps. Please access the link above, you can easily use google map. If you search some place that you want to check, google maps shows you the place.

For example) If you want to search Five guys, you just search on the search bar as below.

google map download

Google maps shows you the route, share, operation time of the restaurant and so on.


Then How to use Google maps on the iPhone?

In the case of the iPhone, you have to download the maps from App store.



Its app is the same as the Android version. You can check the local restaurant. check the route, and check the operation time of the restaurant or store too.

Then, how to know the direction of Google maps?

google map download

If you have a car, you would be better off depending on google maps. They suggest the best route without any traffic, Also it is easy to use it as a navigation tool.


For example) If you want to go to the sheraton hotel to manhattan park.

you can just search “sheraton hotel” on search bar

google map download

Then they show the sheraton hotel in New york. and click the one hotel that you want to go to.

google map download

Click the Signs button.

google map download

Then, Google let you know how many times to take each transportation.

and click the preview, google let you know the direction.

Also How could you know your search history on your google map?

google map download

When you use google map with linked your google ID, you can check your history.

Please click the search bar, then you can check your history.


Then, how to remove it?

google map download


  1. Please access setting
  2. check the map history
  3. click items
  4. then, you can check the message above and delote


That is it to use google maps. Google maps is a necessary app not only for daily life but also your travel times. So please effectively use google Maps