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All You Need to Know About Google Docs

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All You Need to Know About Google Docs

Google doc is a free online processor, among the best for personal and collaborative use.

Download google docs

It is part of Google Drive together with google sheets. Google Docs is used to create, upload, save, and share documents on the web. Google docs are entirely free and give each user up to 15GB of free storage.


Google docs have a range of editing tools, from font size to font type, underline, bold, and italics features. It also has advanced features such as a built-in translator powered by Google translate and an automatic formatting feature for citations. Its real-time editing and collaborative abilities make google docs stand out from competitors.

It allows users to share documents easily by clicking on the share button in the upper right corner. The sharing button allows one to copy a shareable link and add users. Edits made on the document by other users reflect on every other person’s screen. A document is accessible with up to 100 users at the same time. Users can download saved documents from the cloud and edit them offline.

How to access google docs on the web 

  1. Install chrome browser
  2. Log into your personal Google account using your username and password.
  3. On the home page, on the top right the square button, right next to images. Indicated as google apps.
  4. Click on it, scroll down and select docs.

 How to download and use the google Docs app 

  1. On an android/ iOS phone, open google play and app store respectively.
  2. Search Google Docs app
  3. Tap on install.
  4. Create a document with titles and headings.
  5. Format the paragraphs and texts according to preference.
  6. Share and collaborate with others.

How to enable dark mode on Google Docs 

The dark mode is used and well appreciated by ‘night owls’ people who work long hours of the night. It is easier on the eyes and looks very cool. There are three ways to enable dark mode on google docs;

  1. Enable chrome flag 

On a new tab, write the following URL chrome://flags/#enable-force-darkIt brings up ‘Force Dark Mode for Web Contents’ open the pull-down menu and select enable

  1. Click relaunch, and the web browser will restart.
  2. The web browser’s interphase will now be dark-themed

The Dark Reader

The dark reader is an extension that allows the web browser to be in dark theme

  1. search dark reader on a new tab
  2. Click on install extension
  3. Google Docs will be among websites in dark mode
  4. To toggle the dark mode on and off, click Alt+ Shift+ D or Option + Shift + D on Mac
  5. Use Google Docs Dark Mode 
    1. On a new tab search, Google Docs Dark Mode.
    2. Click on add to chrome, then add the extension
    3. On Google Docs click on the extension on the top right bar and the document interphase will be dark.


Google docs were developed as part of Google Drive. It has eased collaborative operations in organizations and also personal use. It has editing features that allow users to choose preferred appealing features. One document can be accessed and edited with up to 100 people. One can access and edit documents offline hence more efficient.