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UPS Tracking and What is UPS Tracking Number?What is UPS Tracking?

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UPS Tracking and What is UPS Tracking Number?What is UPS Tracking?

UPS Tracking is a web-based system that enables you and your intended recipients to track a shipment’s delivery status. With a tracking number, and import tracking number, a reference, or an email address, you can obtain tracking information.

UPS Shipping

With the growth of online shopping, the demand for superior customer service has increased significantly. With an increasing number of users shopping online, there is a massive backlog of products awaiting shipment. Online merchants must be completely equipped with an effective shipping system to ensure timely product delivery, which results in customer delight and continued satisfaction. With increasing demand, the shipping system must also be prepared to handle such an overload.

On the other hand, customers feel more secure if they have control over the status of their parcel and the necessary tools to track it. This is where the incredible UPS shipping label module from the well-known Presta Shop platform comes into play. United Parcel Service, commonly referred to and branded as UPS, is one of the world’s largest and most successful shipping and logistics companies. This module integrates seamlessly with this well-established and reputable shipping company.

PrestaShop’s label module seamlessly integrates with UPS to provide real-time shipping rates, label printing, and automatic tracking number email generation, among other features.

Your clients will always pay the reasonable payment for delivery and that you will save enough time to focus on the essential aspects of your business. This highly customizable and powerful shipping module ensures that any store’s shipping is consistent, simple to use, and flexible, including shipping rate previews on product pages and much more.

UPS Shipping Labels enables you to generate UPS shipping labels for your valued customers quickly. Following the generation of labels, the tracking number is updated at the order’s end, providing your customers with instant tracking options. Yes, the module enables tracking numbers to be automatically updated for every online order placed. Customers can view their tracking number on the order details page and easily track their orders using the provided UPS tracking link.

At the module’s back-end, the administrator or store manager/owner can easily configure shipping label settings such as label format, environment model, and test and live API URLs to suit your personal preferences for how you want to run your business shipping system. This module brilliantly renders a complete back-office order management system under the tab – Shipping Label Printing tab, allowing the administrator to quickly select one or more orders to generate or void labels.

The module includes a unique feature that allows orders to be divided into packages. The admin can split the order into multiple packages on the back-end order detail page, with each package containing its shipping label. You can select one or more packages to generate or void the labels from this screen.

Additionally, this module offers the option of maintaining your core back-office order management system unchanged or ordering it with timely updates to the shipping label module’s features. The label format can be set to either a GIF image or an EPL file, depending on the administrator’s preferences. Depending on the label format configured, the administrator can choose whether to click on the labels and send them to the thermal printer or regular printers. Finally, but certainly not least, this module allows you to generate certification files that enable the approval status of live shipments. A competent module that would significantly assist you in successfully managing your shipping workload while keeping your customers informed of each stage of the package’s journey!

How to Get UPS Tracking Number?

Whether you’re receiving a single package or shipping hundreds, UPS Tracking provides real-time visibility into the status of your shipment throughout its journey. When you use our enhanced tracking options, you’ll feel secure and at ease knowing that you have the most up-to-date information.

UPS Tracking enables you to track your shipment in various ways and provides convenient ways to stay informed about its current status, unexpected delays, and, ultimately, delivery.

Track by UPS Tracking number

When making a package, you should provide a reference such as a purchase order or customer number (up to 35 characters) to assist in tracking shipments without entering tracking numbers.

Track your parcel by the official website of UPS Tracking

How to get your UPS Tracking History?

Access up to 75 of your most recently tracked shipments by logging into your account. You can easily access up to 50 tracking numbers by storing them in your Tracking History table. Additionally, this is where you can add or edit a shipment summary for fast, at-a-glance reference.


Maintain visibility into critical shipment information through the entire supply chain with an integrated view. UPS Tracking provides you with the resources necessary to monitor a single shipment traveling around the country or a container traveling worldwide. In the above article, we almost discuss everything about UPS tracking, so please ask us freely in our comment box if you still have any questions.