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Skype – Download & Install for free

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Skype – Download & Install for free

skype download


With the continuation of Covid-19, non-face-to-face classes, non-face-to-face meetings, and more are often performed without meeting people. Sometimes I drink or chat with my friend through the video calls.

There are many tools to use in that case, but I think skype is the most used. skype is a tool often used in video conferencing, video classes, etc. Even before the corona, it was often used for meetings and classes with people overseas. Depending on the company, there is a dedicated link, and it is easy to use once installed, so many people use it.

Install the Application of skype

skype download

Of course, you can also download the application for skype. Android smartphone users can download through the Google Play Store. Of course, if you are an iPhone user, please download the skype application through the App Store.


Download skype from Google play store


Download skype from the App Store



Install PC version

skype download

In the case of skype, it is also available on the web, and PC version and application downloads are also available. People who don’t use skype often seem to use the web version. Downloading the PC version of skype is very easy.


You can just access skype’s site and download it.


By downloading the PC version of skype, you can use various functions without logging in to the website. For example, you can set up a meeting or join a meeting.

When setting up a meeting, you can mute the participant’s microphone or set a password for the meeting, just like you use on the web.


To participate in the meeting, you have to sign up for skype in advance.

You can sign up for skype by using your phone number or email address.



Is there a difference between the application, the web version, and the PC version?

skype download

There is no difference in the features of each version.

You can set up a meeting individually, or you can join a meeting.

Of course, you can use the various functions provided by skype when setting up a meeting.

For example,

  1. Set a password for the meeting link
  2. Setting the meeting date
  3. Mute the participant’s microphone in addition to the meeting host
  4. Turn off the cameras of participants other than the meeting host

5 Designating a meeting host

  1. Create a waiting room before joining the meeting
  2. Open the webinar
  3. Share meetings or class materials
  4. Sharing the monitor screen



You can use various functions in the skype.

However, if you participate in Skype Meeting via mobile, the screen is somewhat small, so there may be some inconvenience when checking the shared screen or checking the shared data. Also, depending on the screen of your device, all participants in the meeting may not be displayed.

So far, we have learned how to install skype and its functions. When you are too frustrated to be at home, or when you need a conversation with a friend, or when doing business or in class, try using skype for a variety of purposes.