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Complete overview about FORTNITE and how you can download it for your PC?

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Complete overview about FORTNITE and how you can download it for your Pc?


Fortnite is a world filled with diverse experiences. Drop into the Island and battle to be the last surviving player — or squad. Visit a concert or a movie with friends. Create your universe with your own set of rules. Alternatively, save the World by teaming up with others to take down armies of monsters.


Fortnite features four distinct game modes, each of which caters to a different type of player.

There are four modes available:

  1. Battle Royale
  2. Party Royale,
  3. Creative, and
  4. Save the World


Fortnite Battle Royale is available for free download and plays on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. Take the War Bus to the Island below and compete to be the last survivor. Alternatively, form a team of mates or other players to outlast opposing teams. Utilize the strength of wood, stone, and metal to build structures that will aid you.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, there is always something new to look forward to, including new products, guns, vehicles, sub models, special events, and “Seasons.” Each new season introduces a new theme to the Island, such as the previous secret agent takeover and massive flood.


Party Royale is a Battle Royale mode. Rather than combat, Party Royale is an experimental and developing space centered on no-fuss, all-chill fun. Aerial obstacle courses, boat races, movies, and even live performances by top artists are among the attractions.

Additionally, Party Royale, like all other modes within Battle Royale, is completely free.


Fortnite Battle Royale is included for free. Build your Island with Creative — create your games and rules and invite your mates! Creative provides the resources necessary to build both simple and complex games, so create whatever you want. Additionally, when you’re not creating, you can play games created by your friends or other members of the Fortnite community.

Apart from designing and playing games, Creative is an excellent place to create your scenery. Create your Island and enjoy it with your mates!

Save the World

In Fortnite Save the World, you’ll discover a massive, destructible world while collaborating with other players to repel hordes of monsters. Gain strength in your battle against these monsters, dubbed Husks, by collecting loot, forging weapons, and expanding your collection of Heroes. Construct a base and fortify it with traps to ward off the Husks!

Save the World with your mates or fellow Fortnite players. Save the World is available by purchasing a Save the World Pack, which can be found on our website, inside Fortnite, or through your console’s storefront. Save the World is a PlayStation, Xbox, and PC game.


Fortnite Battle Royale and its associated Party Royale and Creative modes are currently available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and the Epic Games App on Android or the Samsung Galaxy Store. At the moment, Save the World mode is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Fortnite remains at version 13.40 on iOS, Mac, and Google Play and is not available for new players to update on iOS. The Mac version of Save the World is no longer available. If you’re interested in playing new Fortnite updates, you can do so on any of the aforementioned platforms.

How to download “Fortnite” on a computer

To begin downloading “Fortnite,” you must first build an Epic Games account using one of the sign-up methods specified on the platform’s account registration page.

After creating an account, you’ll download “Fortnite” from the Epic Games Launcher:

Step 1.

Open a web browser and navigate to Epic Games’ “Fortnite” landing page. This is the location where you can download the Epic Games Launcher. If the download does not begin immediately, press “Windows.”

Step 2.

If prompted to save the download, save it to a location that is easily accessible, such as your laptop.

Step 3.

Once the Epic Games Launcher has been downloaded, double-click on it to install it. If a message appears requesting authorization to make changes to your device, click “Yes.”

Step 4.

Click “Install” in the app launcher window. The Epic Games Launcher will install, upgrade, and prompt you to sign in with your Epic Games credentials. You can log in or build a new account using nearly a dozen different services.

Step 5.

Once the Epic Games Launcher has opened, navigate to the “Fortnite” tab. You can access it via the “Home” tab or search in the “Store” tab.

Step 6.

In the bottom-right corner of the “Fortnite” tab, press the yellow “Get” button.

Step 7.

In the left sidebar, click “Library,” and then on the grayed-out “Fortnite” picture.

Step 8.

You’ll be prompted to choose a location for “Fortnite” and if you want it to download automatically if a new version becomes available. Additionally, you can build a shortcut to it on your desktop, which is extremely useful for quickly launching the game.

Step 9.

If your computer has sufficient storage space, the game will begin downloading immediately. Allow it to download — you can track its progress by clicking “Downloads” in the left sidebar — and then launch it from the “Library” tab.

When “Fortnite” launches, you’ll be able to choose from three game modes: “Battle Royale,” “Creative,” or “Save the World


Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royal game developed by Epic Games. Players can compete individually or in duos or squads to be the last man standing in this 100-player free-for-all. Our website enables you to look up fortnite player statistics and compare them to other players on our global leaderboards. Browse common streamers’ stats, like TSM Myth, Dakotaz, Ninja, and Shroud.

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