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Overview about Buzzfeed | Quizzes | BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime

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Overview about Buzzfeed | Quizzes | BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime


What Is Buzzfeed?

BuzzFeed is the world’s largest independent digital media outlet, serving hundreds of millions of people worldwide with news and entertainment.


BuzzFeed is the world’s largest independent provider of digital media, leveraging data and creativity to reach hundreds of millions of people worldwide.


Our massive cross-platform network is comprised of the following: BuzzFeed Originals, which produces articles, lists, quizzes, and videos; BuzzFeed Media Brands, which includes a portfolio of identity-driven lifestyle brands such as Nifty, Goodful, As/Is, and Tasty, the world’s largest social food network; BuzzFeed Studios, which produces original content for broadcast, cable, SVOD, film, and digital platforms; and an affiliate network. Additionally, BuzzFeed Commerce is a subsidiary of the group, which produces products and experiences and licencing and other strategic collaborations.


We run a global news agency headquartered in New York and a Los Angeles-based entertainment studio and international offices in other countries. Our best work fosters genuine viewer interaction and real-world effect, as shown by Yanny vs Laurel, Tasty, the notorious exploded watermelon, award-winning BuzzFeed News investigations, and our go-to lists and quizzes.


From a marketing standpoint, quizzes are an excellent way to obtain leads. Following that, you will convert these quiz leads into paying customers. It’s one of the most intelligent ways to increase page views and interactions, even more so if each quiz is gated with a lead capture form before showing the results. It is a marketing technique used by a large number of businesses today.


Buzzfeed Quizzes

BuzzFeed thrives on redefining the social media landscape through the content they create. They must have come across the concept of engaging tourists through interactive content such as quizzes at some point.


Combine the quiz results with the opportunity to share them on social media, and you’ve created a form of shareable content that will generate not only leads but also page views for other types of content you give.


Assume you stumble across a BuzzFeed quiz. You accept it. Naturally, clicking on these links to quizzes will take you to a page dedicated to that quiz. By the time you’ve gotten your results, you’ll see links on the right-hand side of the page to various topics, many of which will include either the “top whatever” list (which piques your curiosity about what’s on the list) or some brand new inside scoop about a celebrity (because let’s face it, we’re all curious about which celebrity has gotten themselves into what mess this time around).


There is an element of science to it. You took a quiz for fun, but now you’re sifting through BuzzFeed’s website for other obscure tidbits of social data. Isn’t that a deft manoeuvre?


Then there’s the notion that BuzzFeed creates these quizzes just for entertainment purposes. They are, after all, aren’t they? They’re brief, appear to be interactive, and are a fun way to pass the time, not to mention the fact that these quizzes will sometimes reveal information about you that you didn’t know about yourself previously, even if it means discovering what kind of chair you are.


The Shareable Content Advantage

It’s called “social media”, and BuzzFeed is making the most of it. All are posted on social media nowadays: announcements, images, videos, links, blogs, and quizzes. There is nothing on the internet that cannot be shared.


Quiz results are one of the most exchanged pieces of information on Facebook, whether they are related or irrelevant. Typically, these quizzes are essentially personality assessments that evaluate an individual’s responses based on their interests. Similar to Myers-Briggs personality tests, the bulk of these BuzzFeed quizzes fall into this category as well.


After a few questions, users are asked to enter their responses. The majority of results are positive, and since people have an inherent need to share content that makes them look good, they end up sharing their products on their Facebook Timeline for everyone to see. This encourages immediate family and friends to click on the same connection and obtain their data. This benefits BuzzFeed by can traffic to their website.


We Accomplished It! We Have Finally Cracked The Code! To some extent…

After dissecting what makes BuzzFeed quizzes so popular, it no longer appears as complicated. By understanding the thought process behind quiz development, the selection and use of titles and photos, and the ability to share results, it seems as if anyone, with the right resources, can do what BuzzFeed does. Now that you’re aware, it looks as if we can safely file this case away as solved. The issue is closed.


BuzzFeed Unsolved

BuzzFeed Unsolved (alternatively referred to as Unsolved) is an American documentary entertainment web series developed and produced for BuzzFeed by Ryan Bergara. It premiered on YouTube on February 4, 2016, and has since aired for 12 seasons. The show was previously broadcast on BuzzFeed Multiplayer but is now available on BuzzFeed Unsolved Network.

Bergara and co-host Shane Madej alternate between exploring unsolved murders in BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime and researching suspected haunted sites and demonic possessions in BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural. Although the subjects discussed are often morbid, most episodes are portrayed as humorous, alternating between Bergara’s voiceover of the episode’s topic and Madej’s comedic discussion. The show is mainly shot in Los Angeles, with several episodes shot in the United States and the United Kingdom locations. Each episode is accompanied by a question-and-answer segment titled BuzzFeed Unsolved Postmortem, during which Bergara and Madej respond to viewer questions about the previous week’s episode.


The show has grown to be a massive hit for BuzzFeed, consistently ranking among the network’s most-watched shows. Before the show’s Season 8 premiere, BuzzFeed renewed it for a ninth season, which premiered in late 2018—the tenth season premiered in March 2019 and the eleventh season premiered in September 2019. Bergara and Madej founded Watcher Entertainment with Worth It’s Steven Lim in late 2019. However, the two remain employed at BuzzFeed as freelance producers and will return for the 12th season of BuzzFeed Unsolved in March 2020.




The episodes are usually shot with the two hosts seated at a desk, with Bergara presenting Madej and the viewer with a True Crime or Supernatural case, assisted by stock images and other visuals. In certain shows, the hosts and other crew members move around to investigate a location(s), though this is usually reserved for Supernatural episodes; True Crime seasons are typically shot entirely on the Unsolved set. Due to the show’s increasing success, Bergara collaborates with various individuals to propose cases that the show should cover while keeping Madej out of the loop to provide a more objective viewpoint.



True Crime Presenters Ryan Bergara (2016–present)

Shane Madej (2016–present)

Brent Bennett (2016)

Supernatural Presenters Ryan Bergara (2016–present)

Shane Madej (2016–present)

Brent Bennett (2016)

Sports Conspiracies Presenters Ryan Bergara (2018)

Zack Evans (2018)

Buzzfeed Unsolved – Postmortem Presenters Ryan Bergara (2017–present)

Shane Madej (2017–present)