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Overview about Rotten Tomatoes Movies | TV Shows | and Netflix Hit show The Soul

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Overview about Rotten Tomatoes Movies | TV Shows | and Netflix Hit show The Soul

Rotten Tomatoes is an American film and television review aggregation website. Senh Duong, Patrick Y. Lee, and Stephen Wang founded the company in August 1998 while still undergraduate students at the University of California, Berkeley. Although the term “Rotten Tomatoes” refers to the tradition of spectators throwing rotten tomatoes when they disapprove of a bad stage show, the original inspiration came from a scene in the Canadian film Léolo that featured tomatoes (1992).


Flixster has owned rotten Tomatoes since January 2010, when Warner Bros. purchased it in 2011. Comcast’s Fandango in February 2016 acquired rotten Tomatoes and its parent site Flixster. Warner Bros. held a minority interest in the combined companies, which included Fandango.


History of Rotten Tomatoes

Senh Duong founded Rotten Tomatoes on August 12, 1998, as a side project. His goal in establishing Rotten Tomatoes was to “build a forum where people can access feedback from a diverse group of critics in the United States.” Duong was inspired to create the website as a fan of Jackie Chan after gathering all of the reviews for Chan’s Hong Kong action films as they were released in the United States. The website was inspired by Rush Hour (1998), Chan’s first big Hollywood crossover film, which was initially scheduled for release in August 1998. Duong completed the website in two weeks, and it went live the following month, but Rush Hour was not released until September 1998. Apart from Jackie Chan films, he expanded Rotten Tomatoes beyond Chan’s fandom. Your Friends & Neighbors was the first non-Chan Hollywood film to receive a positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes (1998). The website was an instant success, garnering mentions from Netscape, Yahoo!, and USA Today within a week of its launch; thus, it received “600–1000 regular unique visitors.”


Duong partnered with former colleagues at the Berkeley, California-based web design company Design Reactor, Patrick Y. Lee and Stephen Wang, to pursue Rotten Tomatoes full-time. They released it officially on April 1, 2000.

IGN Entertainment purchased Rotten Tomatoes in June 2004 for an undisclosed amount. News Corporation’s Fox Interactive Media acquired IGN in September 2005. IGN sold the domain to Flixster in January 2010. According to the firms, their cumulative presence is 30 million unique visitors each month across all platforms. Warner Bros. purchased rotten Tomatoes in 2011.


Current Television introduced The Rotten Tomatoes Show in early 2009, a televised adaptation of the web review site. Brett Erlich and Ellen Fox hosted the show, which Mark Ganek wrote. Until September 16, 2010, the show aired Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. EST. It was reintroduced as a much shorter segment of InfoMania, a satirical news show that aired from 2001 to 2011.


By late 2009, the website had been developed to allow Rotten Tomatoes users to build and enter groups to discuss various film-related topics. One party, “The Golden Oyster Awards,” solicited member votes for different awards, mocking the more famous Academy Awards or Golden Globes. When Flixster acquired the business, the groups were disbanded.


As of February 2011, new community features have been introduced, and existing features have been deactivated. Users can no longer sort films by their Fresh Ratings against their Rotten Ratings, and vice versa.


On September 17, 2013, a subsection of the website devoted to scripted television shows, called TV Zone, was launched.


Comcast’s Fandango in February 2016 acquired rotten Tomatoes and its parent site Flixster. Warner Bros. held a minority interest in the combined companies, which included Fandango.


In December 2016, Fandango and all of its associated websites relocated to the former headquarters of Fox Interactive Media in Beverly Hills, California.

Matt Atchity, the website’s editor-in-chief since 2007, resigned in July 2017 to join the YouTube channel The Young Turks. The platform launched a new web series, See It/Skip It, on Facebook on November 1, 2017, hosted by Jacqueline Coley and Segun Oduolowu.


For the first time in 19 years, the site unveiled its latest architecture, icons, and logo at South by Southwest in March 2018.


The Rotten Tomatoes staff published an entry on their Product Blog in February 2021, announcing several updates to the site’s design: Each film’s ‘Score Box’ at the top of the page will now include its release year, genre, and runtimes, as well as an MPAA rating; the number of ratings will be shown in groupings ranging from 50+ to 250,000+ for easier visualisation. Below the ratings are links to reviewers and viewers. Users can access “Score Details” information, such as the number of Fresh and Rotten ratings, the average rating, and the Top Critics’ score, by clicking on either the Tomatometer Score or the Audience Score. Additionally, the team introduced a new “What to Know” section to each film entry page, which could combine the “Critics Consensus” blurb with a new “Audience Says” blurb, providing users with an instant rundown of accredited critics’ and confirmed audience members’ sentiments.



The Tomatometer score is a trusted indicator of critical recommendation for millions of fans, as it is focused on the reviews of hundreds of film and television critics.


When open theatres were in use, when a play was awful, the audience expressed their displeasure by booing and hissing at the stage and throwing whatever was available – vegetables and fruits included.


The Tomatometer score indicates the percentage of favourable professional critic feedback for a particular film or television programme. After a film or television show earns at least five ratings, a Tomatometer score is measured.



Rotten Tomatoes has assembled a team of curators tasked with the weekly task of reading thousands of film and television reviews. Every day, the group gathers film and television reviews from Tomatometer-approved reviewers and magazines, resulting in Tomatometer ratings. Our curators read these reviews thoroughly, noting whether they are Fresh or Rotten, and then choose a representative pull quote. Additionally, critics who Tomatometer has approved will self-submit their studies.



Rotten Tomatoes Netflix

Are you looking for the best Netflix shows? As Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the best original Netflix series currently available to stream, Look no further, rated by the Tomatometer.


The docuseries about art heists This Is a Robbery is a 1970s true-crime drama about a serial killer. The Serpent, a fantasy novel set in the Victorian period, The Irregulars and puppet show Waffles + Mochi have recently been added to the list. Discover how famous Netflix shows the rate, including the most recent additions to the list, such as Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit, Dark, Ozark, The Witcher, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, You, and Dash & Lily.



To make our list of the best Netflix series, titles must be Fresh (60 per cent or higher) and have a minimum of ten ratings. Ties were broken based on the number of reviews for each title and then on the “average ranking” (found under each season’s “See Score Details”) for headers with an equal number of reviews. Additionally, Netflix-saved series that did not start on the streaming service is included if they follow the current requirements.


We regularly update our list of the best Netflix shows, so be sure to bookmark this page to stay updated on new additions.


  • ANNE WITH AN E (2017)
  • DEREK (2013)
  • RATCHED (2019)
  • BLOODLINE (2015)
  • THE DUCHESS (2020)
  • EMILY IN PARIS (2019)
  • WHITE LINES (2020)



The Soul 2021 Film

When investigating the death of a businessman, a prosecutor and his wife unearth occult mysteries when confronted with their life-or-death situation.


  1. Original Language: Chinese
  2. Director: Wei-hao Cheng
  3. Writer: Wei-hao Cheng
  4. Release Date (Streaming): April 14, 2021
  5. Runtime: 2h 5m




  • Chen Chang (Liang Wen-Chao)
  • Janine Chun-Ning Chang (Ah-Bao)
  • Christopher Ming-Shun Lee (Doctor Wan)
  • Anke Sun (Li Yan)
  • Baijia Zhang (Tang Su-Zhen)
  • Hui-Min Lin (Wang Tian-You)