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What is Indeed and how you can login to the Indeed account?

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What is Indeed and how you can login to the Indeed account?


Indeed, is a free job search service that allows you to upload your resume, build job alert emails, search for jobs, save them, and apply directly to them. Indeed, aggregates job listings from all major job boards, newspapers, unions, and business career sites, and employers can also post jobs directly to Indeed that are not listed elsewhere.


Additionally, we have a section of our website devoted to Company Pages, where you can read reviews written by current and former employees of companies that interest you.


If you’re new to Indeed, we recommend reading our Career Guide as well! It includes several informative posts on work hunting and interviewing and hundreds of resume and cover letter samples.

Before 2004, looking for a job online was complicated and time-consuming; you had to visit specialized job boards that advertised exclusively for particular jobs with specific companies. It was not as accessible and usable as it is today. There was no online job search site that consolidated all of the positions available online in one place, nor was there anything that recognized your job seeker preferences. Not before Indeed arrived.


Indeed, revolutionized the online job search industry when it became the first aggregated search engine for any jobs available online. It rapidly grew to become the world’s largest employment site and continues to play a significant role in matching the ideal employer with the ideal employee.


Indeed, is an employer’s dream, with over 100 million CVs and 200 million monthly visitors to the job’s website. Indeed, genuinely connects you to the best talent in any area of endeavor.


Who is it intended for?

  • Recruiters


  • Employers


  • Candidates for jobs


Indeed Korean

Indeed, it is s international company that will provide you services all over the world. Here is the link to the Korean version of Indeed. You can operate the Korean version with the help of this website.



Indeed, the USA

Indeed, is s international company that will provide you services worldwide; here is the link to the USA version of Indeed You can operate in the USA with the help of this website.



  1. Today, reach the most significant number of job seekers possible.


Indeed, provides employers with the most extensive and global talent pool of job seekers, with over 200 million monthly job seekers from over 60 countries.


  1. Job postings are entirely free.


Employers looking to save money on their applicant hunt can post a position on Indeed for free. Simply build an employer account using your company’s email address and work details.


Step 1:


After creating your free employer account, navigate to the upper right-hand corner and click the ‘Post a Job’ button.


Step 2:

This will bring you to the ‘Getting Started’ tab, where you must enter the Job Title, Business, and Place. Upon completion, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the ‘Work Details’ tab.


Step 3:


On this page, you can specify the type of job being offered, the salary range, and the number of hires you wish to make for the role. Upon completion, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the ‘Job Description’ tab.


Step 4:


This section helps you explain the position’s specifics; the type of role the applicant will be performing within the organization, their roles and duties, the credentials and skills they are expected to possess, and any additional benefits associated with the role. Upon completion, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the ‘Application Settings’ tab.


Step 5:


Here, you may decide how you want applications to be sent, the email address to which applications should be submitted, and whether or not a CV is needed. Upon completion, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the ‘Qualification Questions’ tab.


Step 6:

On this final line, you can decide the type of questions you want to ask candidates about their background, education, place, and language. Additionally, you can choose whether these features are needed or preferred. After that, you will review all of the work specifications and make any required adjustments. Once complete, click the ‘Confirm’ button, and your work advertisement will appear on Indeed!



  1. Find the ideal candidate Fast


Indeed, provides excellent funded opportunities for employers seeking to expand their quest for the ideal candidate.


The advantage of using their supported service is that your work will remain popular and prominent in related search results, increasing the chances of recruiting the next employee significantly.


This will open the ‘Sponsor Job’ window, where you can configure the daily average spend for your sponsorship, which will be calculated using cost-per-click. You’ll see the average number of applications you’ll get in the coming month based on your chosen regular spending. Additionally, you will have the option of determining the length of your sponsorship. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, it will sponsor your work officially!

  1. Showcase the employer’s brand


With employer branding playing an increasing role in the business’s talent attraction activities, indeed allows companies to build a free company page where they can:


  • Express your work
  • Upload images of your company
  • React to employer evaluations
  • Include details about your company.


Given that Indeed is the preferred destination for most job seekers, the opportunity to highlight your culture and be open about your business will go a long way toward attracting applicants who want to learn more about your business!


  1. Temporary hiring


Nearly 90% of job seekers conduct their job search through mobile, which Indeed is built to be used on the go, on any mobile device you want, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. Indeed, the company also provides dedicated smartphone applications for iOS and Android devices.


How to Login to the Indeed?


Login to the indeed account is not a complicated task. You can easily log in to your Indeed account with a few simple steps.

Step 1


Go to website


Step 2


Enter your email


Step 3


Enter your password


Step 4


At last, click on the login button your account will be login.