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What is Amazon and what is Amazon web services? How you can contact Amazon customer service?

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What is Amazon and what is Amazon web services? How you can contact Amazon customer service?


Amazon is a global eCommerce company, but you may be more familiar with it as the largest bookstore on the Internet. Amazon not only sells books but also sells various products, but most people call it a bookstore. is the largest and most profitable online retailer in the United States. Amazon’s revenue in the Staples online retail space is three times that of its closest competitor. Amazon (available online at offers various products from books and music to movies, ebook readers, clothing, furniture, toys, and even food.

Amazon’s History

Businessman Jeff Bezos founded the company in 1994 when dinosaurs roamed the Internet. When Bezos founded the company, it was called Cadabra, the second half of the classic magical phrase ‘Abra-cadabra.’ However, Bezos soon realized that people mistakenly thought the name “corpse” (another word for a corpse), so he quickly changed it to Amazon.

Why does Bezos want to be nicknamed “Amazon”?

There are many reasons. Amazon starts with the letter “A” and places it at the top of the list of all letters. In addition, Bezos chose the name “Amazon” for his online store because the Amazon River is the largest in the world. Give the Bezos company a clear “big” voice.

Amazon started as a small online bookstore. Bezos then expanded Amazon’s product line to include music downloads, ebooks, and all the products available today on Amazon is also active worldwide, with point sites in Europe and Asia. Amazon is currently the largest music and book store in the UK and the third in Asia.

Amazon Coupons

The best thing about buying books and other products from Amazon is the various coupons available online. While Amazon’s regular prices are on par with other bookstores, using numerous Amazon coupons on the Internet can bring prices down further.

With Google’s quick search, you can always find a free shipping voucher or discount code. If you need more detailed information, visit or the classic third-party discount website TechBargains can enjoy over a dozen discounts on at any time, including free “Super Protector” delivery (order value over $ 25) and a host of “half-price discounts” on select products and brands.” RetailMeNot typically has more advanced Amazon coupons than TechBargains, so if you’re looking for a specific book or CD, check it out first.

According to their website, Amazon’s mission is to “become the most customer-centric organization in the world; create a place where customers can find and discover all the products they may want to buy online. As Amazon’s product offering expands and they monopolize more markets worldwide, they are getting closer to achieving this goal.

What Is Amazon Web Services? Inc. (AMZN) cloud network Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become an essential part of the e-commerce giant’s product portfolio. AWS created record sales of $ 10 billion in the first quarter of 2020, accounting for 13.5% of Amazon’s total sales. AWS is the market leader in cloud computing rooms and has been growing steadily at 30% in recent quarters. So, what is AWS? Why has it turned out to be so famous on Amazon and so popular?

What exactly is AWS?

AWS consists of a large number of cloud computing software and services. Amazon’s lucrative server, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security divisions include server, storage, networking, remote computing, email, and security. AWS’s three main products are EC2 (Amazon’s virtual machine service), Glacier (a low-cost cloud computing service), and S3 (Amazon’s storage system). AWS’s computing scale and influence have surpassed its competitors. As of February 2020, an independent analyst estimates that AWS controls more than a third of the market with a 32.4% market share, followed by Azure with 17.6% of the market and Google Cloud with 6%.

AWS servers are distributed in 76 availability zones. These service areas are divided to geographically restrict their services (if necessary) and protect by diversifying the physical locations where data is stored. AWS operates in 245 countries and regions.

Amazon Web Services is Amazon’s cash cow. These platforms are reshaping the computing environment, just as Amazon is reshaping the retail landscape in the United States. Amazon can provide cheap and flexible services at unbelievably low prices to anyone, from the latest startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Save Costs

Jeff Bezos compared Amazon Web Services to utility companies in the early 20th century. A century ago, factories that needed electricity built their power plants. But once factories can buy electricity from utility companies, the demand for expensive private power plants will decline. AWS tries to migrate things from local computing to the cloud.

Historically, businesses requiring large amounts of storage will have to build and maintain physical facilities. Storing data in the cloud may require expensive contracts to pay for a large amount of storage space the company will “graduate.” If the business starts up, building or buying insufficient storage space can have catastrophic consequences. Otherwise, it will lead to substantial cost losses.

The same goes for computing power. Historically, businesses with peak traffic will eventually purchase large amounts of electricity to support operations during peak hours. During off-peak hours (tax advisors can use Can, for example), the computer is idle, but the company continues to incur losses.

Businesses pay for AWS services based on their usage. There are no upfront costs to build a storage system and no need to estimate consumption. AWS customers only consume what they want, and the costs will automatically increase proportionally.


As the cost of AWS adapts to customer usage, startups and small businesses can see the clear benefits of using Amazon to meet their computing needs. AWS is the ideal choice for starting a new business from scratch, as it provides all the resources businesses need to take over cloud computing. Amazon offers a low-cost migration service that makes it easy to migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS for existing businesses.

As the business grows, AWS provides funding to support development. Because the business model supports universal use, customers don’t need to discuss whether to reassess their computing usage. In fact, in addition to budget constraints, businesses can “set and forget” all computer requirements.

Security and resource availability

You can say that Amazon Web Services is much more reliable than a company hosting its website or data store. AWS currently operates hundreds of data centers worldwide, all of which are under strict supervision and management. The diversification of data centers means that a disaster in one country will not cause global data loss. Think what would happen if Netflix integrated all workforce, data, and backup data on the eve of the hurricane. There will be anarchy.

Indeed, it is unwise to store data in an easily identifiable location, and hundreds of thousands of people will be able to access that location. AWS has teamed up to hide its data centers, place them in remote locations and maintain minimal access. Data centers and the data stored in them can prevent intruders. Amazon’s experience with cloud services enables it to quickly detect and correct outages and potential threats 24 hours a day. This is not the case for small businesses, and a large enterprise IT expert can provide for their computing needs.

Amazon Customer service Number

If you have a question related to the amazon service so you can quickly contact them through their number

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