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What is Cricbuzz and how to cricbuzz app download?

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What is Cricbuzz and how to cricbuzz app download?


Cricbuzz is a Times Internet-owned cricket news website in India. It includes news, blogs, and live coverage of cricket matches and video, text analysis, player statistics, and team rankings. Additionally, their website features a smartphone application.

Cricbuzz is one of the most widely used smartphone applications in India for cricket news and scores. Additionally, it features a feature called Cricbuzz live, in which experts weigh in on the games played by India and IPL teams before and following the match.

History of Cricbuzz

Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde founded Cricbuzz in 2004. Cricbuzz started creating a smartphone app for live cricket news and scores in 2010.

Times Internet, a subsidiary of The Times of India, acquired a majority stake in Cricbuzz in November 2014 at an undisclosed price. The original website owner now maintains the website.

Cricbuzz, owned by Times Internet, merged with Cricbuzz in January 2015. The Cricbuzz website has been forwarded to Cricbuzz, and the Cricbuzz smartphone application is also integrated with Cricbuzz. Cricbuzz dubbed Harsha Bhogle “The Voice of Cricket” in September 2016 and has since produced more than 150 videos in collaboration with renowned commentators and cricket experts.

In 2014, the website was the seventh most popular website in India. Since October 2019, the mobile application has been downloaded more than 100 million times, and the website has been used by 50 million users worldwide, generating 2.6 billion page views in January 2015.

How does work, and how are they updating their live score?

It’s very simple. They have a constantly updated server. Within the server, the entire dataset (i.e., comments, scores) is the same as the one displayed on the TV. They have appointed the person responsible for this task.

The reason I know this is that once the dust clears, I’ll be watching the game on the spot until the game is over. I can hear it very clearly, and when I sign up to cricbuzz, the situation is the same.

The scoreboard is updated in real-time based on the situation on the ground. They assigned the person responsible for this task on the spot and the person who typed what the commenter said.

What technologies are built on?

The front of the website is built with AngularJs, and the back can be on any platform that you can use to create API

Some of the js libraries used are:

  1. jQuery
  2. jQuery UI
  3. Facebook SDK
  4. Google API
  5. Angular JS
  6. Boomerang
  7. SizzleJS

How can update real-time cricket scores too soon when the next ball approaches?

There is usually a time lag between the “actual action” unfolded on the spot and the “action” you watch on the TV. ESPN, Cricinfo, and other sites have statisticians and dedicated staff in the stadium’s press room, covering news, blogs, and scores in real-time.

They will update the score as the score develops, and you will only be able to see the score on the TV after 1-1.5 minutes.

Live Cricket Score

you can easily stream any cricket live match through this link

How to download cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz is a Windows application that provides cricket knowledge. The application is based on the Indian news website CricBuzz and provides information on competitions, schedules, scores, and editorials. In addition, users can view photos of their favorite players or teams in the photo library. The app is friendly and effective, giving cricket fans easy access to the latest cricket news. Users can follow the game anytime, anywhere, through the Cricbuzz update, and the update also applies to Android and iOS devices.

All relevant details are concentrated in one convenient location

Cricbuzz for Windows application download brings cricket knowledge from all over the world straight to your PC. Users can access real-time cricket commentary, results from all recent matches, and updates through the desktop app! Visualize actions by reading ball-for-ball analysis or receiving push notifications at critical moments! Cricbuzz’s live scores guarantee that you will never miss a moment.

The interface is simple and straightforward

Unlike the Android and iOS versions of Cricbuzz, the Windows version of the GUI is very basic. The user interface is the native interface of the Microsoft application and opens a dashboard with two drop-down menus showing the functions of the application. The first drop-down menu contains a list of countries/regions, and the second drop-down menu provides direct access to “Contest,” “Editorial,” and “Photos.”

You can get information by selecting a country or going to the “Games” section to see the results of recent games. Whichever option you choose, you select extensive detailed information about upcoming, current, and past matches from global sources.

Ball-by-ball comments on the text

While the Cricbuzz app doesn’t let you watch the game directly from the desktop, it does include real-time ball-for-ball commentary. The application keeps the main video of the game for users to read in their spare time. In addition to text commentary, the software also includes audio commentary for running the game. Users can quickly transport themselves back to the golden age of broadcasts by listening to minute-by-minute updates and real-time scores from their favorite analysts.

Should I continue to download the Cricbuzz PC software?

Yes, Cricbuzz’s download application allows users from all over the world to access a large amount of cricket information easily. You can watch any game comfortably on your home computer. This is an excellent app that can keep track of information at any time, receive push notifications when there is activity on the phone, and read or listen to comments every minute. In addition, the app also provides cricket news, match schedule, and commentary.

Download cricbuzz for Android

Step 1:

Go to your Play store

Step 2:

Search crickbuzz in serach box

Step 3:

Once you got result so then click on Install button and your app will start to installing

Step 4:

Once the app is installed so click on the open button and launch.

Download cricbuzz for IOS

Step 1:

Go to your Apple App Store

Step 2:

Search cricbuzz in serach box

Step 3:

Once you got result so then click on Install button and your app will start to installing

Step 4:

Once the app is installed so click on the open button and launch.