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What is MSN and What is MSN Hotmail?

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What is MSN and What is MSN Hotmail?


MSN is a collection of website applications and online content services. MSN offers you free various software and kits, blog hosting to share experiences, and discuss issues, tips, and tricks related to using applications and legal information about various software. In addition, the website also provides “community services” consisting of newsgroups, forums, and chat rooms.


The Microsoft Network has been a subscription-based service portal since Windows 95, but you turned the system into a website in 1996. The website was created to provide software and protocols for its applications. Still, later with the standardization of the Internet protocol, the website has been converted to standard Internet applications, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. News on various topics, weather, and search services can be accessed through MSN.

The Microsoft network is not to be confused with the Microsoft network (the network of the Microsoft subsystem).


What is MSN Hotmail?


MSN Hotmail, also known as Hotmail, is creating Apple’s official employees, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Two people led the concept of Hotmail, and Hotmail became one of the most popular and popular electronic communication methods. Together they launched the email service on July 4, 1996. After 2 years of continuous hard work, the email service finally took shape. Draper Fisher Ventures approved their joint venture, and they invested $ 300,000 in the project.


Turning point


Its popularity and functionality have become the main focus of its appeal and success factors as a free email service. Facts have proven that Hotmail is a major turning point in the history of the Internet and electronic communications.


Acquired by Microsoft


Hotmail has made significant strides thanks to its localization in various regional markets worldwide and quickly became the largest webmail service in the world. In February 1999, it had about 30 million users. Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 1997 for approximately $ 400 million. Released in 2007, the brand name is “MSN Hotmail.”


Notable Features

Currently, Hotmail supports 36 languages ​​and has nearly 270 million members worldwide.


Today, Hotmail has 5 GB of storage space, and the storage space is expandable with the latest security features and several other useful features.


You can have multiple email accounts.


  1. Based on Ajax technology and integrated with Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail also provides space for calendars and contacts.


  1. It supports all major internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


  1. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to scroll through the page without using the mouse easily.

  1. Use features such as the automatic update of contact addresses when composing emails and can group import and export contact information in CSV files.


  1. In addition to this RTF format, spam filtering and RTF signatures, virus scanning, multi-address capabilities, and multiple language options include Hotmail’s other notable features as well.


  1. POP3 access has been merged with the latest feature of all Hotmail accounts. This makes it easier to send emails from other accounts to your Hotmail account. This feature supports all POP services.



Today, Hotmail’s email service is very important to the functioning of online businesses. A free Hotmail email account provides all of the following features, which are the main necessity and requirements of today’s eCommerce business.


Storage space: It has a storage capacity of 5 GB, which can be further customized and expanded as needed.


Folder: You can organize all emails in separate folders to manage them effectively.


Expired account: Your account will expire or will not be closed until 120 days after the inactivity date. This allows you to check your email every day.


MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger (or Microsoft Networks Messenger provides full content for it

Title) is one of the most popular instant messaging


Applications on the Internet. Since its birth in 1995, It was full of drama. After the first failureTo get the attention of netizens, Significant changes have been made to the MSN Messenger of the Windows 1995 package

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The general MSN Messenger user base).

Since its inception, the app has come a long way.

Fundamental written communication in real-time. User now has

Choose to use video conferencing (with high-quality sound),

Only voice communication, webcam connection, and file exchange.


It now turns out that MSN is

It helps them regularly

The increasingly competitive instant messaging industry. This market

Also seriously affected by AOL (AOL Instant Messenger), and

Yahoo Messenger, although there doesn’t appear to be any resemblance

Like the influence of MSN Messenger.


What can MSN Messenger do for you?

Now MSN Messenger is used by many companies around the world.

You will see it when you visit an online business website. system

Stable, reliable, and offers a unique way of communicating

Actual and potential customers. There is nothing better than looking and looking


Do you hear your assistant?


In addition to real-time interaction through MSN Messenger, MSN also offers a

Free and easily accessible email address.


What else does MSN Messenger offer?

MSN Messenger is also very popular with children and adults

All over the world so can be a group of friends

Even if they are far from each other, it is the same.


MSN also offers many new headers for free

Messenger users, including online games, custom winks,

More than words, emotional images are recorded speech

In the old days, friends were always welcome, and there was more.