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Facebook Messenger – Download & Install

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Facebook Messenger – Download & Install

facebook messenger download


If you use facebook, it would be better to use messenger together. Once you have facebook ID, you can connect your facebook friend through messenger without your phone number.

Also, messenger can link SMS. so, when you manage messages from messenger and SMS at once. According to Facebook, messenger’s users exceed over 10 billion all over the world. If you use messenger, you can talk with your friend on PC and mobile. So today I would like to introduce how to install facebook messenger.

How can I messenger app for mobile?

facebook messenger download

Downloading the mobile version of messenger is also easy.

You can download mesenger from the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android phones. The functions available on PC and apps are the same, and mobile apps can be downloaded for free and all functions are available for free too.

You can check the link as below.


App Store

Google Play Store


If you search “messenger” in the Google Play Store or App Store on search bar you will probably see the messenger logo at the top of the list. Then you can download it by simply hitting the install button next to it.

Installation way is the same as the PC version.


  1. link your facebook ID
  2. Use it


That’s it to install a messenger app. If you have a facebook ID, you can use the messenger app without a phone number. Also there are many users on messenger, so you can talk to your friend easily through the app. please kindly check above and download it.



facebook messenger download

On PC, you can use messenger two ways.

  1. by installing messenger’s app

facebook messenger download


if you enter the link, you can download messenger’s desktop version’s app. There are 2 versions of desktop app. If you are a window user, you can download windows OS version’s app. Howver, if you are a MAC OS user, you have to download the MAC OS version. The file is 101MB, and it is quite big.

The Installation is easy.

Just click the downloaded file.

Then you can check the web that can open your messenger by using your facebook ID.

That’s it

  1. by using website.

facebook messenger download

If you don’t want to download the file. Please use the website version’s messenger.



You just click the button.

Also to use the website version, it needs to login facebook too.